The Rockefeller REITs, The Ones That Pay Monthly

330973-14036582984395046-Brad-ThomasBack in February I wrote an article on REITs that pay monthly dividends and since that time, a few new REITs have been added to my research lab. Notably, former non-traded REITs, United Development Funding (UDF) andNew York Recovery Trust (NYRT) recently listed shares, and I also added Canadian REIT, WPT Industrial (TSX: WIR.U) (OTCQX:WPTIF) to my coverage universe. In total, I’m now tracking a growing list of 17 REITs (all that own property in the US).

In this article I’ll provide you with an updated list of these 17 REITs that pay monthly; however, I wanted to first provide you with a few critical advantages to owning and investing in dividend stocks that pay monthly. Starting in July I will be adding a new column in my newsletter called the “The REIT Paying Monthly Report” in which I will rank the group of frequent payers based on dividend safety and predictability.

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  1. Scott Jones says:

    Hello, Brad. I am a very new investor…I have been at it for about a year and a half now, and it is not only very enjoyable to me, I love to study all the aspects that make money grow for the future. I have chosen to do all investing through direct purchase plans, and to reinvest all funds. I am 53, and want to retire @ 65, but this is a stretch for sure. I am aware of being careful how and when to invest, as well as not to react with quick emotion & trusting in the fact that I believe I have chosen 15 “sound” stocks…however, I am in-experienced…I have grown to love studying about reits for about a year now, and have read many articles & read from many commentators—I would like you to know that you are by far my most trusted source. I believe you care about the individual investor as much as you enjoy speaking with the best of them…your points of view are valuable insight! You seem practical and truthful…I have 4 of my 15 investments in realty income, ventas, omega health investors & Apollo commercial real estate (ARI)…I have not seen anything in any of these 4 during a period of rising interest rates, but know you will share wise counsel when this occurs…thanks for the efforts you put forth…it is appreciated!…. Scott Jones (Phx, Az.)

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