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Jonathan Morris
Adjunct Professor & Thesis Advisor Real Estate Investment Trusts At Georgetown University

I have known Brad for over 10 years and during that time he has been singularly focused on identifying the best REIT ideas for his readers. For the past eight years I’ve been teaching a “pure-play” graduate course on public REITs at Georgetown University drawing on my 20+ years as an executive for two big cap REITs.  I assign Brad’s book as the textbook for all my REIT classes. You won’t find a more dedicated, or prolific, REIT analyst and real estate journalist.

Co-Founder of FAST Graphs

As the author of numerous books and author of an untold number of research articles on REITs validates the fact that Brad Thomas eats, sleeps and drinks real estate investing. As a result, he has clearly established himself as a leading expert in this space. Brad understands how and why a REIT gets its value. More importantly, he also understands how a REIT delivers value to its investors. Personally, I wouldn’t think about investing in a REIT for myself or on behalf of my clients until I have first consulted with Brad.

Donald TRUMP
President of the United States

Brad Thomas has a multilingual approach to real estate. He has built it, brokered it, sold it, invested in it, researched it, and now he’s telling it. Who can’t learn from his experience and that is why I consider The Intelligent REIT Investor to be a must have newsletter.

Cornell SC Johnson College of Business

Analyzing REIT investment opportunities can be complex. The Intelligent REIT Investor by Brad Thomas competently breaks the process into easy steps. While there are numerous books on similar topics, I have found none as engaging as The Intelligent REIT Investor. Especially the relevance and clarity of quantitative examples make the book compelling. I highly recommend Brad Thomas’s book for use in the classroom with undergraduate and graduate students alike.

Founder & CEO of ETS

When Brad speaks, people listen. He moves the needle when he writes and has become one of the most influential persons in the REIT world.



Who is better than you on REITS Brad? NOBODY. Followed you into DLR April 2016 before it bought DFT. Never looked back. Thanks for always being solid in your analyses. Keep it coming. 


Thanks for an excellent article. Humility takes character and I appreciate yours.


There is no other SA author that is as knowledgeable about REITS as Brad. Many try here but fall short. 


I love this Brad Thomas. He always has the ability to take a seemingly boring subject throw in a little entertainment and make it easy for us regular people to understand God-bless 

Jeff from SD 

But the thing I most admire about Brad is that, he never stoops to the level when someone vehemently disagrees and trashes him. Those of us who have come to this forum seeking financial services wisdom has found an author that delves into his work with his students in mind. Thank you sir, for your generous time and . . . . congratulations.