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Very few people today do more than Brad Thomas does to provide investors the company-level information and portfolio-level thinking necessary to make intelligent decisions regarding their REIT investing.

Former CEO of Realty Income

Taking an intelligent approach to REIT investing requires recognizing that there are widely varying companies, people, properties and strategies.  Brad Thomas sees the industry through the lens of a developer, operator, financier, individual investor and reporter, bringing a unique perspective to the space.


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Brad: you are a rare gem in reit space. Keep up the good work!!


Thanks for another great piece. We are all getting rich following this outstanding research. For those who aren’t doing so well, please subscribe to Brad’s newsletter!


Brad Thomas is one of the most read authors on Seeking Alpha, and over the years, he has developed a trusted brand in the REIT sector, that and he’s just one hell of a guy.


Hi Brad. Before reading your articles I never even heard of REITS. Now I own five including WPC. All have worked out very well. Thank you.


Your articles are among my primary reading materials, Brad! Always well-written, factual, and very entertaining, and you did it the hard way–I was heavily invested in SNH when I read your “Don’t Get Duped…” Article. I really hated that article. Then I did my own research, which correlated with your conclusion, and shifted all my SNH over to O. I have never regretted it, and I try not to miss your articles.