Wide Moat Research REIT Track Record

Durable Income Portfolio

The Durable Income Portfolio is the most conservative and longest REIT strategy for the Intelligent Real Estate Investment Trust (iREIT) research platform, which commenced in 2013. Today the portfolio consists of over 40 REITs and the following property sectors:

This strategy is actively managed with a target hold time of six months to three years. It is designed for “durable income” and thus has overweight positions in Net Lease (20.7%) Healthcare (17.8%), Office (10.4%), Data Centers (9.9%), Cell Towers (7.5%), and Apartments (8.0%).

Sharesight uses money weighted return for its CAGR calculations. All benchmark data is sourced from FactSet using traditional CAGR methodology.

Since inception in August 2013, the Durable Income Portfolio has returned a money weighted compound annual return of 17.0%. It generated positive annual performance in all years since inception. Additionally, only one calendar year failed to generate at least a 12.2% total return. The portfolio’s performance and draw down characteristics were favorable compared to equity and mortgage REIT benchmarks as well as the S&P 500.  It has generated consistent and significant alpha throughout its seven-and-a-half-year lifespan and outperformed the CAGR of the VNQ by approximately 700 basis points assuming an 80 basis point annual fee applied to the Durable Income Portfolio. This period includes one large market correction in Q1 of 2020 (-33.9%) and three moderate corrections (10-20% drawdown) occurring in November of 2015, January of 2018, and September of 2018, respectively.

Our current iREIT products were all created in an attempt to share the incredible success of our Durable Income Portfolio with the average investor. If you are looking to receive a return on investment through REITs, check out our iREIT Product page below. You will not be disappointed.